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  1. yep !!!! I was there with falcon group and the guys of alco,better road asphalt
  2. em6 285 what part of the island do you live in ? I live in toa baja levittown
  3. hi , nice to have you on on board the family is growing dont hesitate to ask or give your idea or point of view
  4. hello bumpytruck your name remainds me of my truck,because it has broken cab mounts, my friends call it the rolling rollocoaster but still is one of the thoughest dump trucks ever made. im glad you fixed the a/c problem and welcome to the show .you wont find a better site. knowledgeable people with love to the pure breed from all over the world Roderick from puerto rico later.....
  5. change position of the caps invert them while on it check the spring on the return valve on main pump
  6. hi guys those are good ideas when one starts to hammer all the debree will fall.check the chassis bolts and replace as nesesary is mega important because there is the strengh of the chassis and the most is back of the cab. HK is right do not weld on framerails since they are forged it loses some of the hardneded properties unless crucial.dont forget to hand tight all the bolts in place before you fasten completly sometimes is a pain in the neck goodluck again RODERICK
  7. hi skip my friends did the job on a dump truck last month they started washing the truck let it dry put some wd40 or equivalent to all the bolts let it stand few minutes aplyng some more, jack the frame secure they use wood so it doesnt slip beneath the cab and at the end of the chassis and the front also lift little by little to take the pressure out of the tandem with the bots out of place they sPlit the frame. pressure wash again let it dry they used red oxide paint primer then painted black again this took about 5 days but they cleaned the end of the frame to the back of the cab but since thats the area that usualy splits it was good enough for me because the front was in good shape ,remember that when you split the frames the inner frame is still helping the other side work safely never alone .the best work is the one we make our self but sometimes is beter to leave it to the experts if you find a buddy who has done it before ask for his help there are many people who enjoys woking on trucks for the fun of it good luck with your proyect, RODERICK
  8. thaddeus w you"re correct also those bolts are grade 8 for torque but they are expensive because is a metal alloy that stretches and contracts in different temps so they hold torque and heat changes as well.I end up doing the same thing i went to fastenal and bought a set back in june when i repaired my 235hp 675 engine. by the way a 237 and a 235 engines are the same
  9. ooops i forgot i think you should try arsco.com i know they sell used engines and they buy lots, also so maybe they have one off a core engine
  10. hi blackwood thats a nice steel nose you got there i have a dm with a 235hp your pics motivate me to keep working on my truck, soon i"ll up load my pictures haven"t been able because of surgery but soon i"ll be working again good luck and keep it that way
  11. thanks HK i have a u612st with a315 tipturbine2valve, the model is entz673 ,and no one knows how much torque it has the fuel pump is robert bosch metric instead of american bosch or ambac international
  12. does any one know how much torque these engines have E-6 285,300,315,350
  13. hi my name is roderick this is my first reply currently i have a dm685sx 1973 i did the engine last week it was factoryfit from1973 so I guess i'll have to wait 34years to see if volvo trucks are as tough as our beloved bulldogs still new times brings new technology lets hope for the good not for the bad like fuel economy less pollution and more money in our pockets thats whats all about .I went to my local mack dealer and i saw the rear ends they where macks on the new granites so theres something left from mack still in2007 we got camelback suspensions as a legacyof how strong our trucks are lets hope they keep building strong trucks for the future see ya later from puerto rico the place where for a 100 trucks buildt 90 are macks
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