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  1. On 6/11/2020 at 12:42 PM, Freightrain said:

    I finally dynoed my new engine last weekend.  Really snowballed to more then I really wanted to put onto it.  496 FE, trick flow heads, roller cam, TD rockers, tunnel wedge 2x4 intake with 2 600 holleys.  Made 665 hp at 6600, 630 ft lb at 4000 rpm.  Car went 10.69@125 last year, it should see 10.4's?  Hope to install it this weekend.  First stick race is june 27.  Really wanting to get behind the wheel again!


  2. On 6/16/2020 at 3:35 PM, Mack Technician said:

    Phoenix rose up from the ashes year(s) go. 

    Maxidyne is all her previous “grrrl” girl monickers. However, she turned over a new leaf, she’s longer a grrrrl. She publicly denounced political arguments as fruitless because, to quote her, “everyone has already made up their minds anyway”. No more sucking the life blood out of beer drinking good’ol boys, conservatives, Republicans, sane people, etc, to satisfy her insatiable liberal appetite.

    ...or "old white guys".

  3. Nice pictures, thanks! I like the Lonestars too, they are definitely eye catchers, but I see a lot of those new Western Stars on the road now. I don't know what you call them, or the model, but they're some of the best looking trucks out there in my opinion.

  4. On 5/26/2020 at 4:09 PM, david wild said:

    Your covered wagon as you call them is for hauling rolls out a mill, or mill rolls we call them, Turner has div. just for hauling mill rolls and run up to 13 axle special built by Trail King mill roll trailers, Thermo king units you see are actually Heat kings and make heat so the rolls don't get chilled.

    I've hauled a few rolls in and out of Gerdau in Petersburg.



  5. 3 hours ago, Brocky said:

    I remember seeing those covered wagons with a reefer unit on the PA Pike years ago, Thinking a 4 axle tractor also?? Never found out what they were hauling????

    That was a Lilly trailer, from up near Winchester. They had a little yard on 522 a little south of Winchester. I used to see them in the Westvaco paper mill in Covington but I never knew what they hauled either. They had a lot of axles on all their trailers though.

  6. 21 hours ago, alex g said:

    That is one rare burger. 

    Yes it was, I don't even like a steak too rare, but i'm not eating a rare hamburger at all. I sent her a picture because she wanted to go back by the place she got it from and show it to them.

  7. I've had a couple of people reccomend the Chippewas. I was going to get a pair of Wolverines at Tractor Supply when I got the Schmidt's but they didn't have my size. I liked the Rockys I used to get but they discontinued the Wellingtons that I always got.

  8. 11 hours ago, hicrop10 said:

    Is that old building in Seneca Rocks the one on 33?I’m always amazed at what you find on the backroads in the country.Would rather travel the off the beaten path anytime.Great pictures always enjoy them.

    Yes, that's where it is. I've been across there several times before but I never noticed it. I turned right at this stop sign and pulled over to take pictures of the rocks and the building was to the right, sitting back off the road a ways.




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  9. On 4/30/2020 at 7:18 PM, david wild said:

    Notice the Liberals have left us, they used to take a swipe once and while but they sure seem quiet or have moved to a site more their Liberal liking ? 

    Oh, i'm sure she'll be along before too long...loldude.gif.5aa97f5258822916a71a1ced7d4fbe15.gif

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  10. 52 minutes ago, Freightrain said:

    Connex and Stryker are "black box" export radios.  No real limitations on power so they do much more then the legal 4 watts in the USA.  Thus many guys like them.  I have three Unidens and a President Madison base.

    TP tools is like 45 minutes easy of me.  Been by it, but not in it.  We do buy stuff for work through them for blast cabinets.

    We have an Eastwood store about an hour north.  Never been there, but salesman at work did go up and buy a plasma cutter last year.

    Sure seems like I'm in the right part of the world when it comes to stores.  The McMaster Carr is 45 minutes north also. I get same day service for them if you get the order in soon enough in the morning.

    Jegs is 2 hrs south, but don't buy much there.  I do shop around and will use Amazon if need be.  I do try to use local small shops if I can.

    Yep, that second knob from the left lets you adjust your output power too, it was on about 15 watts when I took that picture, but I usually run it at about 10 watts.They told me when I bought this radio that it does have some over-heating issues, especially in an enclosed space, that's why it had all the cooling fins on the back of it.

    I bought it on-line too, from  https://www.cbradiosplus.com/ great people to deal with. I bought the Connex from them too.


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