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  1. Hey there!! I gotta Superliner rebuild going on and i am currently in need of some help with regards to the rad shutter!! The shutter was seized up so i had too dissasemble and repowder coat frame supports and strip fins! Upon dissasembly the plastic dowels that support the fins in the centre have broken as well as the plastic control rods on the ends of fins have broken as well ! I only need a few of these delicate parts just curious if anyone has had any luck sourcing these rare items??? Or if anyone has a used shutter for sale i could use for parts that would even be better came out of 1988!! I contacted my dealer said they would have too have one built for big money made me puke when he told me price i live in ontario and no junkyards have superliners kicking around!!! Any help on sourcing these parts would be great thanks Kyle!!
  2. I totally forgot wich way the tapered wedge face's when installing shock mounts and u bolts i took apart several months ago i think that the fat part of the wedge sits towards the rear of axle ???? this would affect my caster i Believe? a tourque spec would be great too? Thanks Kyle!!
  3. Name: Mack V8 Superliner RW713 (1988)<br />Date Added: 22 June 2012 - 12:35 AM<br />Owner: B-LineV8Superliner<br />Short Description: Currently silver in midst of a redo <br /><br />View Vehicle
  4. It has a bronze bushing inside the trunion which has been replaced. insulator caps are cast i do believe that this unit is the heaviest style of camel back 46-56000lb rating? Was also wondering about tourquing sequence on carrier to axle housing i was given a tourque of 240-260lbs i was also wondering if loctite should be used on carrier bolts that are located inside carrier housing - famous for coming loose?? Thanks for help!
  5. I got an 88 superliner were redoin her from ground up i need tourque specs on spring caps for rubbers and was wondering about the proper way too snug up trunions . any help would be great!!
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