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  1. Sounds like you are gear bound. Need higher rear gears or different transmission with higher final ratio. Something like a 4:17 ratio will get you 70 mph with a final trans output ratio of .79.
  2. Looking for this part used hopefully. It is available new, but just don't want to pay the price. Any help out there?
  3. Thanks Glen, I will try that avenue, after I check my other two R model parts trucks to see it they might fit, or if they are still in one piece.
  4. Where can I get a steering column boot for my 86 Superliner RW613 Dump Truck. Mack says that it is no longer avail in their system.
  5. From the album: Washington Mack Log Truck

    In the process of restoration. Had been partly dismantled, replaced front steer axle and putting in new trans and pto w/pump.
  6. From the album: Washington Mack Log Truck

    This was taken in 2013 after restoration. Put about $50,000 in new parts as it is a daily working truck.
  7. Love the sound of that V8. Gona have one someday soon. Just got the E6-350 now.
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