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  1. Can everyone please look at my blog Concept Flintstone for restoration and let me know what you think

    1. umodelnut


      I commented on your blog.

    2. randyp


      Just my 2 cents, i dont like double lights, or big flat front bumper,,sorry

  2. Can everyone please let me know there honest thoughts on my twin head light design for my Flinstone restoration project. This is not my actually truck just and idea on what I want it too look like! Im going to be Candy Apple Red with colour coded bumper and fuel tanks
  3. Yeah she is a odd one but its very strait and neat its a 1973 model
  4. Can any on Tell me from the picture as I have never seen a R model Flintstone with a Fibre Glass Bonet. Did they actually make these or has someone choped and changed it?
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