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Concept Flintstone for restoration



blog-0006789001344517629.jpgCan everyone please let me know there honest thoughts on my twin head light design for my Flinstone restoration project.

This is not my actually truck just and idea on what I want it too look like!

Im going to be Candy Apple Red with colour coded bumper and fuel tanks

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Hi there, I think it looks alright, but I do like the single headlights also. You cant go wrong with a red Mack! I love red Macks. But, its your truck, and your own taste. Do you have any pictures of your truck? Good luck.

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Hi, I think keep the green, but the under carraige, frame, engine, transmission, axles, springs, etc should be candy apple red, thats what im going to do with my B81 Dump. Single headlights too.

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Its completely up to you, personally Im a fan of the single light. But it depends how original you want to go with it, if its going to be grandma original then stick with the single lights. If you are going to get away from original and change gearboxes and engines, or put a later cab on, or twin air intakes, then go your hardest with the lights. Good luck with it. How far have you got with it?

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