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Antique Macks



Does the Mack truck company provide historical information for specific trucks on line or do you have to write them a letter?



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contact the mack museum. they reserched my 75 U model and gave me the build sheet, owners man, and much more. I sent a donation.

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Hi sir, I have a customer who owns a Mack R600 model, and he needs the original emblem that says R600 (one side of the truck), do you know where I can find it? not e-bay, no success there....

It doesn´t matter if used, but in good conditions.

Thanks for your information


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On the Mack website there is a page for the Mack Museum. I called them on the phone and gave them my info and a few weeks later I recieved a package from them. I was suprised the amount of info that was available considering my truck is a 1948.

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