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Mack 1975 RS700L V8 for sale asking $13,500.00 or best offer



blog-0692646001366362908.jpgI am selling my 1975 Mack RS700L V8 end dump. Truck is in great mechanical condition. I'm unsure of the actual mileage being I just fixed my speedometer. I am the third owner of this vehicle. Both owners had their own work done to the truck for road legal repairs. Rear ends rebuilt in 2009 that I have documents for. A little about the truck. It's again a 1975 Mack. It has a 49,006LBS rear ends and 20,000lbs fronts. Brand new tires on the steers and first drive axle, and %75 and rear axle. The vehicle has no oil leaks or AIR leaks. It is %100 road ready and legal. DOT inspection is current as with the registration. It has a 13 speed road ranger transmission, shifts smooth with no grind or slippage. Clutch is in fine condition with no slippage or clutch break problems. Well that's pretty much it... and it does have a 1 stage dyna-tard brake that works great and is very loud and beyond effective. Any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know.


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