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Oil Leak

other dog


I'm still running good, busy as the proverbial one legged man in an ass kicking contest. I took treated lumber to Shinnston,W.V. and loaded 2 coils in Yorkville,Oh. going to Clinton,N.C. Then to Dillwyn and onward to Fremont,Ohio. Loaded some Mack truck frame coils in Erie,Mi. going to Roanoke, then I had to leave Friday going to the nucular (George Bush) power plant in Oak Harbor,Ohio to deliver yesterday morning.They serviced the truck and finally put a new fan hub on it before I left. The oil plug stripped the threads out of the oil pan when they took it out, so they put it back in and welded it. It was still dripping oil though, so they put some silicone on it. It was still dripping oil though, so I took an extra gallon with me (already had 2 gallons) and stopped and bought a gallon of Lucas Oil Stabilizer at $32. Didn't need any of it though, it looked worse than it actually was because by the time I got back to Lynchburg it still wasn't halfway down to the "add" line. I left it at the Cat place with a cut out grape juice bottle under it for a drip pan so they can take the pan off tomorrow and put an insert in it and fix it right.


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