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Weekly Report

other dog


I don't know if there's any dead rats in the mixer cab, but they had definately been into the d-con I left for them. I didn't have time to check yesterday because I got back from Florida around 5:30 and had to get to the bank before they closed at 6:00. Wonder if a rubber snake would keep them out?

I went to Neville Island with a load of beams Monday, then reloaded in Sharon, Pa. back to Lynchburg. Turns out the coils were the wrong size , so I dropped them at the shop and took a load of beams to Fernandina Beach, Fl. on another trailer. I had a load to pick up at Nucor in Huger, S.C. and the earliest loading time I could get was 11:30 Thursday night. Got there around 7:00, but didn't even get across the scales until 1:00 AM. Finally backed in to load at 4:00, and left a little after 5AM. I called Todd and told him i'd been at the #@$!ing place all night trying to get loaded. He wanted to know if i'd seen anybody else. The other 2 trucks had gotten 7:30 appointments, and at least one of them was already back in Lynchburg. So I just took 26 over to 95 and went north to the first rest area and pulled in and took a nap.

Now I have 2 loads of coils sitting at the shop-they still haven't figured out what to do with the first one. They were too big for Handy to cut, so I don't know if they'll send them back to Sharon Coatings, or get them recut somewhere else.

I see the truck show pictures from Lincolnton, N.C. that I sent to the ATHS are posted on their site now.


Pretty boring report there,eh?..zzzzz


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