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Rat Patrol

other dog


I didn't have another load to pick up after I unloaded that empty 40' container at Sonny Merryman's today, so I could have came back home, but I went to the shop to hang around in case something came in. And I needed a headlight anyway, and some cab marker lights were out on the mixer that I needed to fix. When I got in it to start it I saw a big brown rat-about the size of a wallaby-scurry across the passenger side floorboard. I remember Rob said you could smoke 'em out, or smoked wallaby was good-something like that anyway. So I got a metal can out of the shop, soaked an old grease rag in diesel fuel, then lit the rag and dropped it in the can. Then I dropped a hand full of green pine needles in. It smothered the fire, and smoked like a chimney. Then I put it in the truck and shut the doors. It sat in there and smoked and smoldered for about an hour. Then I felt so guilty about doing the mouse like that I left a box of D-Con in there for it to eat, and some anti-freeze to drink.


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