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other dog


At least besides the aching tooth and a heat wave that leaves me drenched in sweat every time I chain down A load or tarp A load,and the fact that it's so dry here -my garden just withered away,and I've only cut the grass A couple of times,last time a couple of months ago-I have A little good news.I left the truck at the Cat shop in Lynchburg last night so they can turn the horsepower up from 475 to 550.You would think it'd make A world of difference,but it's hard to say.The last Cat I drove was A 435 and when it was turned up to A 475 you couldn't tell A lot of difference.I know that's not near as big A jump,but I've taken A truck in to be worked on before,they'll put it on the dyno and check it, get you 20 more horsepower and it was like driving A different truck. I hope that's the case this time-it's A big ol' pretty truck,but it lays down like A big ol' dog when it sees A hill.


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