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other dog


Just got in ,i've been to Midland City,Al. with A load of beams,reloaded shingles at Peachtree City,Ga. to Oxford,N.C, then loaded Kyanite at Dillwyn,Va. to Negley,Oh,then had a two pick up reload at Ambridge and Leetsdale,Pa coming back to Lynchburg,Va.I was going to drop the trailer in Lynchburg,but I got there at 5:00 o'clock and they went ahead and unloaded me. 'Course I only had 2 beams on. It was still 100+ in Alabama and Georgia Monday,but it was 56 degrees this morning (Wednesday) when I got up in Pa.about 4am and continued on to Negley. I actually turned the heat on for A little while. Had A toothache all day yesterday,but after taking alternating handfulls of aspirin,tylenol,and motrin it wasn't too bad today.Got A dentist's appointment in the morning-actually looking forward to it!


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