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Why Mack Trucks Indeed



Well I read on the introduction forum today something that got me to thinking. (I know Rob thinking is bad for me) Just the same it got me to thinking "why indeed", so I wrote a response but that just wasn't enough.

Anyone here ever watch the Arsineo Hall show in the eighties and nineties? hhuuummmmmm HE used to say when questioning something odd or questionable. To a novice or someone who simply wants to look COOOOOOOL I suppose going a hundred miles an hour is good. Or maybe having a ten grand paint job or maybe twenty grand in chrome are legit reasons to have such fancy trucks. Could be having so much horse power has it's own appeal. America after all is a melting pot of different opinions and points of view.

How we each define "THE BEST", is not always true of our neighbor. So with that in mind let me define what the best of the best truck should in my opinon incorporate. #1 It should be strong enough to do it's intended job.

#2 It should be able to withstand the work environment with only minimal upkeep.

#3 It should make it's operator comfortable and keep him/her safe.

#4 It must be ready to work when there is work and not needing repair daily.

#5 It must return to it's owner many times over the money that was invested in it's purchase.

#6 It should be versatile to do many jobs if it is retired from it's original job.

#7 It should inspire confidence that it will get the job done no matter what.

#8 It must be built to last .

#9 It must do more than it was designed to do, unfailing.

#10 It must stand the test of time.

I believe because I know that a MACK TRUCK is all this and more. I consider it a pleasure to drive a MACK TRUCK.


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Pretty interesting list of really good characteristics.

Those same qualities should apply to each one of us as American workers, too.

Mack factory workers would be pretty proud if they could read your list!

Paul Van Scott

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