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2009 One Tough Year For Trucking




Well I heard once that TRUCK'N AIN'T FOR SISSIES. Well I'm hear to tell yah that, that is the GOD'S honest truth. So for this month I've only had 2 loads worth the fuel to pickup and deliver. Everything else I've been offered would have put me outside our frieght lanes and I'd have sat at atruck stop and spent money. :wacko: That sucks....I realy was beginning to worry. My main customer didn't get paid for awhile by their customers so we didn't get paid.

:rolleyes: Now for the good news my customer finaly got paid and we're back to haulin a little frieght THANK YOU GOD. Even :MackLogo: occasionaly need tires and fuel. Any of you flatbedders out there pick up as many nails in your drive tires???? Seems like every week I have a few new ones to plug. Oh well you can'nt win all the time it would get boring. that's why we have hard times. That's GOD telling us that HE is still in control and that we don't know it all.Not by far . To everyone out there who is stuggling please remember that a little faith goes a long way. AND that GOD THE FATHER has and will always LOVE us all even when we don't deserve it...... especilly when we don't deserve it.

PRIDE I THINK IS THIS GENERATION'S worst sin I can attest to that I have more than my fare share. Well enough rambling for today. GOD bless you all and KEEP ON :mack1::clock_logo: TRUCKIN


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