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Gold Parts



So, I finally got my kingpins and all the front axle bits and pieces for rebuilding.

Took a couple of weeks before the local Mack dealer was able to locate what

I needed.

After seeing the bill, I understand.

Gold kingpins and platinum bearings are very hard to find.


The front axle parts were almost as much as I paid for the entire truck.

And about double the cost of the parts for the rear axle, which was rebuilt from

hub to hub.

If I ever sell this B-67, it will be without the front axle. I'll be keeping this one

to use under any old Macks that I own in the future.

On another note - I am going to parts out my 1966 R-600. There has been no interest

in the truck in one piece, and all of the components are in excellent condition. (The front

axle even has new kingpins, bushings and bearings as well as new brakes - go figure!)

If anyone wants the engine and transmission, drive shaft and rear-end as a unit, I would

be glad to talk to you. If not, it will power our H-63. We know it is in perfect operating order,

and the engine even has the original lead seals on the fuel pump. I can either leave the unit together

for someone to run and drive, or I can put the engine on my test stand for someone to run before


The hood is perfect, just needs paint. No cracks or stress marks anywhere. Hinges are excellent.

The radiator is perfect. Glass is very good. All of the hardware, badges and trims are excellent.

Rob started a vicious rumor that the bulldog was missing - he's right. I've got the base and a good

replacement, if someone wanted.

It's got new 22" re-caps on the drives, and excellent virgin rubber on the steer axle.

Doors are in great operating order, with all hardware. The doors are a little rusty around the bottoms

but very repairable, if someone wanted. Fifth wheel is in good operating condition.

James has already expressed an interest in the instrument panel, so that's on hold. Otherwise, the

rest of the truck is available at very reasonable prices.

I'll cut up and scrap the remainder.


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Too bad all that gold will be covered in grease, but you'll be able to feel that money when your driving around. Sad to hear about the R-600, Very decent lookin truck and good price on her too. If i had the cash i definitely would buy it. I think it's case the economy, everyone's holding onto their cash. Would make a nice little single axle dump, or continue into the lowboy business. Hope everything's doing fine elsewhere up north and you guys have a good one.....

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Not what I would do. Patience can be a valuable tool in the long run. Flip side is that you have a definate need for the parts and I see nothing wrong with using a good, servicable donor for those parts. Nothing wrong with sacrificial rights for the good of the complete picture.

I don't need the engine or trans as I have good spares, but may be interested in the balance.

Just my thoughts. Worth nothing to anybody except me.


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