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1st Day Of Summer



OK - 1st day of summer - Everybody look quick!!

Actually it's been really nice here since April, if a bit


I should be finishing up in Pennsylvania this week, and

back home to continue the B-67 progress next week.

There is a man with an early R model Mack single axle dump

truck that I have posted about before near Beach Lake, Pa.

Goes by every day empty one way and loaded with dirt the other.

Great fun listening for the old girl, as the property we are working on is

in the middle of nowhere.

That truck sounds like it runs like a clock. And it sure does get a lot

of exercise.

I'd like to catch up with the owner just to say Hi.

Anyway - hope everyone is doing well.

Have a good week.


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Hi Paul! I just looked at Beach Lake on google earth...didn't see you anywhere. So,where've you been for real ;) ? We can keep a secret here. :D

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I'll have to check that out myself.

And - I found a really nice B-61 single axle dump

in a side yard close by my family's property.

Have to check that out too.

That little R-600 I posted about is about the hardest

working truck in that whole area.

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