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Continuing Cab Surgery



Checked on the truck shop this morning.

The cab reconstruction on the B-67 is actually

progressing nicely, finally.

The welder is a really talented guy - just hasn't been too


I'm happy with the work, though. And I doubt anyone will be

able to tell what was repaired.

So, all in all, it might have been worth the wait.

Back to Pa. on Monday, and probably done with that project

in about two weeks, if all goes well.

Had to cancel out of going to Macungie for fear of divorce court,

after being gone for two weeks and leaving again in two days.

Some people just have no understanding.

Anyway - best to all and have a good week.


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Hey Paul,we've missed you...you did say you've been away,didn't you? Uhh,anyway,whenever I finally get to see that B-67 i'll be wearing a trench coat, a hat with a brim on the front and back,carrying a magnifying glass,and blowing bubbles out of a weird looking long stemmed pipe <_<

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