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Hard At It

other dog


Speaking of work,i'm still hard at it. I've been to Zelienople,Pa. and back twice this week. Sounds easy enough,but there ain't no easy runs. It's a titanic struggle to get 46,000 lbs. up the road several times a week. Got to Roanoke with 48,000 lbs,3 Metalsa coils, around 6:30 or 7 o'clock Thursday night and figured on getting unloaded and being home early,but sometimes it doesn't pay to figure on anything. I got unloaded about 3:30 am Friday, got to the shop at 5 am and slept until 8,then went to Dillwyn and loaded kyanite for Fremont,Oh. to leave Sunday with. Then I drove the mixer over to Stonewall and parked it. The annual Stonewall Antique Power show is this weekend,and it almost snuck up on me. Came home,after the usual grocery store stop,and cut the grass and replanted some corn and beans that didn't come up.

Went over to Wal-Mart in Altavista and dropped a roll of film off too,so I should have pictures to post this afternoon. Took some of a Mack fire truck that's for sale near Sharon or Wheatland,Pa. and we're gonna ride over to the tractor show for a little while and look around so I might take a picture or two there. Hard to say what might be there,or what kind of turnout they'll have this year because gas is so expensive.When I left there yesterday the only antique vehicles there was a 1965 b-53 Mack concrete mixer and a Ford pickup,but lots of tractors were coming in. It's good to have a distraction from just hearing of gloom and doom all the time,so in honor of no clue joe-I must be off...film at eleven.


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Sounds like you've been busy this week, it's been pretty slow at the lumber yard this week. It's rained for the last 3 days, but is pretty today. Monday wll be a pain I'm figuring. Well tme to go grocery shopping ourselves.....Oh yeah thanks for the honor.

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you're welcome :D . Jobyna's going to Wal-Mart now to get the pictures,i'm gonna put the tractor show pics in a new album.

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