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Another Week In The Bag-with Pictures To Prove It!

other dog


the best diesel engine mack has made was?  

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  1. 1. the best diesel engine mack has made was?

    • Thermodyne
    • Maxidyne
    • Econodyne
    • Magnadyne
    • E6 4V head
    • E7 4V head
    • E9 4V head
    • older ENDT V8 2V head
    • other engine not mentioned

Another long week,and short weekend coming up. Delivered in Butler,Pa. early Tuesday morning and went to Brookfield and was loaded and ready to go by 10:30 am,figuring i'd get to Roanoke and unload early Tuesday night and come home. But,that all changed when I had to go to Malta,Oh. and make another pickup.Last time I went there and loaded the cement mixers I was empty,this time I had on almost 44,000 lbs. of the big Metalsa coils right in the middle of the trailer,and couldn't make much time on the very narrow,crooked,small,twisty,skinny,roads getting there. Picked up 5 mixers and a small skid of unknown product over there,going to Vinton,Va,near Roanoke. So I didn't get home,but I got paid for 2 loads in one,so it was a very good round.

Then I had to go to Petersburg and get a 60' load going to Wheeling,W.V. that wasn't ready until about 6 o'clock Wednesday night. I delivered there Thursday morning,then went back to Brookfield and loaded more coils for Roanoke. Got that off this morning and went to Dillwyn and loaded kryptonite,or kyanite I mean, (I can't haul kryptonite,it makes me sick,especially green kryptonite) for Brook Park,Oh. That's near Cleveland,so I'll be leaving early Sunday.

Got a roll of film developed today that I took during my recent travels-a B-model Mack on rt. 60 between Rupert and Charmco,W.V, a plane towing a sign when I was unloading in Avon,Oh,a Superliner for sale in Moorefield,W.V,3 shots of climbing the mountain out of Uniontown,Pa. headed east on U.S. rt. 40-the little notch to the left of the sign is where i'm headed,then i'm almost to the top with Uniontown visible in the mirror,then the motel at the top. This mountain is so steep the speed limit going down is 10 mph. I once got stopped going down it for doing 17 mph in a 10,with an empty flatbed . Cost me about $100 near as I can remember,that was about 20 years ago. And,some of those giant windmills on a mountaintop,somewhere near Pa,W.V,or western Maryland.

P.S.-How about Mushroom colors on your B-67 Paul? I like it,very colorful.


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You can tell that b-models in west virginia, look at all the coal trucks!! Anyways, you would think unloaded trucks could go on "so to speak" down that mountain. Good pics though. Was that youtube video anygood?

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yeah,you'd think! I had a jake too,or c-brake I guess it was- truck had a 444 Cummins w/18 spd. The cop said " you're supposed to have the truck in the lowest gear you've got". I told him if I did that I wouldn't have been there 'til tomorrow. He said "I DON'T CARE,THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO". The common sense rule should apply,but like I always said,safety has nothing to do with it,it's all about the money-they want yours! You used to come off the mountain and you had to go right into the town of Hopwood,but now they have a four lane bypass finished around town and you don't even have to slow down for Hopwood or Uniontown. Back when you had to go through town, right at the bottom of the mountain, the speed made sense,because you might be coming down in a 5 speed Mack with a 237,no engine brake,with a load of green oak lumber grossing about 93,000 lbs,but now it's just ridiculous.

You see lots of old units sitting around in West Virginia. There's all sorts of stuff up in those woods.

I watched the mule video,but couldn't find anything on the other one-I copied the web site and pasted it,but it came up saying it didn't match any documents.

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Comng off of there in the lowest gear you got a with a 18spd would be pretty ridiculous, but then another cop would pull you over for going to slow empty.

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That B Mack looks just like my B-67 did when I

brought it home. Same colors, and looks like the

same condition.

Paul VS

maybe they were from the same litter? :blink:

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Maybe ---

Mine was owned by Beck Motor Freight of Philadelphia, Pa.

It was half of a two truck order, and part of a fleet of

identical trucks from what I understand.

Beck may not have been the only owner, however.

Or the doors have been changed, as I could make out another name

On the other hand - I think that roughly 50% of all B Macks were red with

black fenders. Which is why I'm looking at a new color.

I felt so bad about denying you any Carlisle photos that I changed my avatar.

Just for you.

It's my 1966 R-600, which today I discovered has 22" rubber and a double frame.

You might have thought that I would have seen that before. It's all part of a

carefully laid out plan to keep me from learning too much too fast.

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just for me?..how thoughtful ^_^. I had the fenders on the mixer painted black,thought it looked better than the solid red.Was gonna paint the top of the hood black too,but it's mashed in some and I thought black would make it more noticable.

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