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Lots More Random Photos

other dog


the best diesel engine mack has made was?  

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  1. 1. the best diesel engine mack has made was?

    • Thermodyne
    • Maxidyne
    • Econodyne
    • Magnadyne
    • E6 4V head
    • E7 4V head
    • E9 4V head
    • older ENDT V8 2V head
    • other engine not mentioned

All righty then,due to an overwhelming public demand-arrright then,Bollweevil said "if you insist..."-here's more pictures. They're not gonna be in order because I scanned them in a very haphazard manner,but they're all the trucks I drove for H.H.Moore from the '74 transtar to the 9900I,no.s 15 and 55 I drove and drive for F.L.Moore and Sons,the mud bogger in action,my old Nova ( before and after ),my KZ1000 Kawasaki (hey,that's my gold Skylark in the background,forgot about that car-was a good one),something at a forestry show in Richmond,Va. and a Christmas tree I put on the back of a trailer that survived a trip to Chicago and back,and coming into Rainelle,W.V. on rt.60 in the snow.


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Great pictures, When i get back in the routine of making a steady paycheck I'm gonna buy a scanner. I've got a few pics I'd likew to post on here. I dig the old school cummins hat your supporting in the pic of the christmas tree. My mom had a '70 nova 4 door 6 cyl. w/powerglide trans.. It was her graduation present she drove that car till about '98. The motor literally outlasted the car, the guys that got the car after us is runnin' the motor in another car and junked the rest. Just imagine if you still had that car...

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yes Joe,i've actually dreamed that I still had that Nova. Unfortunately it was totaled in 1975 when I let someone else drive it. Got away from him on a wet road and he went sideways,slid across some guy's yard and hit 2 gum trees. :(

That tree was the top part of the tree we put up,or a limb or something I trimmed off it. I wedged it between the ends of the floorboards and the metal part at the back of the trailer,decorated it,and it stayed there all the way to Chicago and back. This picture was before I left,it looked pretty beat by the time I got back,but it was still hanging on

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