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Junk Hauling Business



Well That's what I done yesterday, and man I wish I had more to haul off. Anyway I just talked to Othedog earlier and he was talking about seeing all kinds of trucks haulin decent vehicles off just for the quick buck, I seen a 2002 or 2003 model ford focus wrecked, but in repairable condition though at the scrap yard a 70's model transtar 2 cab down there in very good shape. It's crazy what people are doing nowadays, but as high as gas and everything else is i don't blame them. Amber and the boys have fell asleep on me so now I have time to update my blog. Copper is geting out of hand down here also people are burning houses and robbing peoples houses just for a little copper. If I can find enough I'll keep on haulin it, but it's getting scarce around here. Well as Otherdog says I must be off, and everyone have a good one.


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