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Some Random Photos

other dog


Florida pictures-here's that palm tree I promised, and from snowy Ohio to all the green trees and grass in Florida,one week later. Oh,and one bikini...on a billboard.

And a new straw hat-bought it on e-bay. And A train loaded down with containers full of American products in the heartland of America,just south of Norwalk,Ohio-oh...China?..never mind then.

Sometimes I have a tendency to post the same picture more than once-I should either write them down as I go,or quit drinking.Guess i'll start writing them down.


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I would just write them down..lol. Good pics. Are you gonna wear the straw hat at truckshows?
Yeah,but i'm gonna use a rubber strap for a chin-strap so I don't lose it like I did my cap with the bulldog pin.
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In New York it is now over $100.00 fine and two points on the license if they catch you talking on a cell phone and driving.

I'm not sure what they would do if they caught me with a camera while driving.

Jail for sure!!

Paul VS

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I always stop when I take pictures, :rolleyes: ,but I won't talk or take pictures in New York anymore,just to be on the safe side.

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