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More E-bay

other dog


Got to looking around on e-bay last night and saw a Mack bulldog belt buckle.I liked it,and the top bid was like $8.99 or something so I bid on it too. The top bid kept climbing and I kept bidding 'til I was up to $29.99 I think,then I went to bed.I was hoping I got outbid because that was more than I wanted to pay,but you know how easy it is to get carried away at an auction. Anyway I checked this morning and was glad to see that I had been outbid,but I was astonished to see that the winning bid was $89.99!

I must be off to Cranberry Township,Pa. now with a load of pipe.

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Try to get back down to north carolina if you can to get some more of that chicken..hahaha. Have a good week buddy and I'll try to callyou back sometime through this week.

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