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other dog


I found out my scanner was not compatible with windows vista,you could only get a driver for windows 98,nothing after that,and the primax website said they weren't gonna make any more drivers available for any later versions,so I figured I was just SOL. Since i'd been wanting a scanner because I take all of my road pictures with a 35mm,I bought a printer/scanner/copier at Wal-Mart today. Only thing is when I installed the program and gave it a try I lost all of my pictures that used to be in HP photosmart. And I had like 300 pictures...now i've got 35. I used to click on photosmart,view library-total pictures 300 or what ever,now it says total pictures 35. I mean ALL of my pictures were there...now I got 35...what's up with that?!! Where'd they go?.. :angry:

It had all of my truck show pictures,all my webcam pictures,all of the digital pictures-every picture I had! Oh well,no sense crying over lost pictures-though that was my first thought-most of them are on The Diesel Gypsy's site,some are on webshots,a lot of them are on BMT,some on Kodak easyshare,some are on disc...and the rest are just gone evidently.."gone like a freight train,gone like yesterday,gone like a soldier in the civil war ,bang bang,gone like a '59 cadillac,like all the good things that ain't never coming back,she's gone ... Montgomery-Gentry :(

Had some pictures at Wal-Mart too,Jobyna dropped the film off there Friday.She had it in the one hour developing envelope already,but there was no one at the counter.When they paged the photo "technician" she came over and took it out of the envelope and put it in the 4 day envelope,I guess because she was too lazy to develop it then. When we went to pick it up yesterday they said it would be in Tuesday. I was disappointed and Jobyna was HOT! :pat:


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We had all kinds of pictures of my mack and pictures from the car show in pigeon forge. Our computer crashed and lost all our pictures not sure where they go, but like you saod gone. Bad thing was those was the only pictures i had of that truck. We took back a scanner, printer combo back to wal-mart, because of the scanner not working. Hate to hear about your pictures.

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We should know better than to fool with computers.

Go to the neighbor's and see if you can borrow an eight year old kid.

Let him do it.

Paul VS

I THINK I relocated most of the pictures on the computer but I have no idea why they disappeared from HP photosmart,where they were all in one convenient place.

I talked to ma on the phone Friday and she said her TV remote quit working so she bought a universal remote,followed the directions to program it and still all it would do was turn the TV on and off. We bought one once and that's all I could get it to do .Couldn't change channels or volume at all. She said my sister Lucy and nephew Michael came over and Michael had both of hers working and doing everything in a few seconds.

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