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I Love My Job

other dog


the best diesel engine mack has made was?  

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  1. 1. the best diesel engine mack has made was?

    • Thermodyne
    • Maxidyne
    • Econodyne
    • Magnadyne
    • E6 4V head
    • E7 4V head
    • E9 4V head
    • older ENDT V8 2V head
    • other engine not mentioned

Had a long week this week,driving in snow for most of it. I left last Sunday for Orville,Ohio and when I unloaded Monday morning it was snowing and the radio said the wind was gusting to 50 mph.When I took the straps off of one side of the tarp it blew off and over the trailer and was flapping like a flag,still holding on by the straps on the other side.I finally got it detatched and it blew up under a trailer parked beside me.I struggled with it for a while and decided I was never going to get it folded,so I was waiting to get unloaded so I could just get it up on the trailer somehow and get it strapped down. When the truck at the dock beside me pulled out I grabbed a corner of the tarp and dragged it up to the dock and stuffed it under the door.Then I went inside and pulled it in and got it folded and rolled up with no problem,then did the other one the same way. All this titanic struggle with my tarps probably took 30 minutes,and the tarp was winning the battle until I outsmarted it. Went from there over to Sharon,Pa. and loaded up 2 coils and back to Lynchburg.The crane was broken at N.B.Handy,so I had to take them to the shop where they unloaded them with the forklift.Then on to Dillwyn to load a Fremont,Oh. I knew they were calling for more snow in Ohio Tuesday night,so that motivated me to get all the way to Fremont,trying to beat it. It started snowing about the time I got there,around midnight. Wednesday morning it was still coming down,with about 3 inches on top of the tarps.I had to get a broom and get up on top and sweep the snow off before I could pull them off,because it was so heavy. Again,I had much difficulty trying to fold them,not because of wind this time,but the snow.I had to fold them on the ground in the snow,and when I got finished they were about the size of a Volkswagon beetle,and weighed about 1400 lbs each ( that's just a guess ) so I had to get Troy to put them on the trailer with the forklift. Then I had to go to Macedonia to load coils for Roanoke.It was still snowing,but the roads were in good shape,plenty of salt. Ohio does a good job on the roads,they were putting brine on them from the time I crossed the state line at Marietta Tuesday night,long before the snow started falling.That's key,getting an early start on them instead of waiting until they're covered and people start wrecking,like they do in West Virginia. I made it all the way to Beckley with no problems,but when I got on I-64 and headed east it looked like they had used up all the salt allotment for the year,or they forgot 64 was even there. It was completely snow covered and I was a little nervous starting down Sandstone mountain...OK,I was a LOT nervous! I mentioned Sandstone before,if you haven't been across there it's a 5 mile 7% grade,speed limit is 45 mph for trucks,and it has 2 runaway ramps on it.I was easing down in the low side until about halfway to the first runaway ramp when it appeared to have been salted and you could see the pavement again.It was clear the rest of the way down,across the flat,and about 3 quarters of the way up the other side,then it was back to completely covered. When I got to the top there was a truck jackknifed on the westbound side,a pickup in the ditch on my side,and a car in the median in a distance of about a mile. I was trying to get to exit 161 where I was planning to stop for the night anyway.The ramp is at the bottom of a hill so I was still taking it pretty easy,running about 35 mph. A car was ahead of me about half a mile,so I wanted to keep plenty of distance in case I had to stop if he decided to slam the brakes on to see if the road was slick. Right about the top of the hill a Swift truck went by in the left lane and he must have been doing 60 mph.That's fine if you're by yourself,the hill was straight down and straight back up,but if something were to happen unexpectedly in front of him,like that car spinning out on the bridge at the bottom of the hill,there's no way he could have gotten stopped. So I finally made it into the fuel stop and parked.From Beckley to there I saw just one truck salting the road. I went on to Roanoke and unloaded Thursday morning,then by the shop for fuel,and went to Petersburg and loaded some beams going to Carnegie,Pa. Got up there Friday morning,and yep,snowing like he....uh,heck,snowing like heck. Took a long time to get unloaded because the forklift was spinning in the snow and he could barely get up to the trailer. Once he got a lift of beams picked up it was all right,then he could hardly get back from where he was putting them on the ground back to the trailer to get another lift. I finally did get unloaded of course,then went over to Galv-Tech in Pittsburgh to load coils for Handy,and by the time I left there it had warmed up and the roads were just wet,so I hammered down to Lynchburg,dropped the load at N.B.Handy about 9:30 last night and bobtailed home.Got the Cumberland County Christmas Parade Sunday. It's the longest trip of the year for the mixer,about 55 miles one way. At least they're calling for nice weather,with temperatures in the 50's!


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A buddy of mine pulls flatbed all the time and he was somewhere a couple of weeks ago when the wind was picking up heavy and when he got the tarp unstraped and climbed on the trailer the wind picked and nearly pulled him off the trailer. Bad weather to be doing this kinda stuff, but the bills don't go away on their own. That sound's like the typical newbie driver passing you like that knowing perfectly well that he's putting his life and others in danger. What I don't get if a JB Hunt truck is goverened to 65 mph "Not sure though" Do they think they have to do the 65 in a 45mph zone? Wide open all the time is what they do and risking our lives and theirs to play stupid. Sorry for ranting a little, but anyway I bet your ready for the parade? I would be too. Good luck in the parade.

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Yep,you're right Joe.That's what they do. I don't like driving in those conditions,i'm not near as brave as I used to be! But, like you said,you still got to do your job to earn your pay. If it gets too bad,i'm looking for somewhere to park it though. I don't really care about trying to be a hero at all. I've been to the Cumberland parade 3 years now,and won 3 trophies.That's not why I go of course, :rolleyes: , I was born and raised in Cumberland.The trophy streak will probably end this year anyway,but that's all right. The first year the theme was "a red,white and blue Christmas" so I was dead-on with my paint job,then it was "oh Christmas tree" so I painted a board red,attached an artificial Christmas tree to it,and strapped it to the front bumper.Last year it was "Christmas bells" so I borrowed 2 big plastic bells and had them on the rear of the mixer.This year the theme is "A Jamestown Christmas"- how do you decorate a cement mixer for that? I have no idea,so i'll just go and put something on it,because the rules say it's got to be decorated.

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Decorate it to your liking and be done. Sounds like they have a pretty nice parade there though. Changing it every year, down here in town they just let anybody and everybody join in. It's really nice seeing a bunch of drunks runnin' around in straight piped jeeps using profane language to hollar at half dressed women all around little kids of course. Our town has wen't to hell in a hand basket, but it would be nice to go to one like the one you attend. I like a change of pace. See Ya Buddy.

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Yeah Joe,it really is a nice parade.You have to pay an entry fee of $10 to be in it,so I guess that keeps the riff-raff out :D ! Route 60 goes right through town,and it's 4 lane through town,so they just close the right lane before the parade and put numbers on little flags by the road so you know where your place is.You just find your number and park in that spot,put the decorations on,and it's a straight shot through town,no turns or anything,then I pull over and take the decorations off,and go back to Concord. I live near Gladys,but I keep the mixer parked at F.L.Moore and Sons shop,where I work. p.s....half dressed women? ..and your parade is when? :D

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I guess none of us are quite as brave as we used to be.

One of my first over the road jobs was pulling bottled spring water in the winter from Old Forge, NY (Adirondack Mountain area)

to Albany, NY for the passenger trains. It was always done at night, so the plows weren't out. And it was with a dry van - so there was

no stopping - or it would freeze.

There were two of us (drivers) native to Upstate New York, so we always drew those runs.

Your story reminds me of those times.

Quite often Saranac Lake, NY is the coldest place in the country. And Barnes Corners, NY quite often sets the snowfall record for a

given year. Both places are in the Adirondack Mountains.

I probably would not consider making those trips today - and I wonder how, as an 18 year old kid prone to driving way too fast, I survived as

long as I did.

And how often I was passed by another truck going like crazy in snowstorms. Nothing but a whiteout for a few seconds. Purely white knuckles.

So I have a pretty good idea of what you are talking about!

Although it sounds like you are pretty good at what you do. Keep it up.

Paul VS

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Well thank you very much Paul,that's a nice compliment. I have a "Wheels of Time" magazine that shows A picture of a B-model Mack pulling a tanker in upstate N.Y.,though not in the Adirondacks,and it's almost buried in snow. I believe it was on rt. 26,north of Binghamton.

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