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other dog


Cheswick,Pa.-that's where I went. I remember now,since I've already been there and back. I called Tina,one of our drivers who had been to this jobsite before, and after I talked to her I was beginning to regret taking this load instead of the pipe going to Anderson,S.C. She said it was very cramped,they sat all day waiting to get unloaded because they were pouring concrete,and concrete trucks were in and out all day until 5 o'clock that evening.She also said you had to go down a steep hill and drive onto a barge to get to the island where they were unloading,then they had to be pushed back up the hill,and they had to pick the back of their trailers up with a crane and move them over to make the turn through the gate at the railroad tracks to get out. Geez,what have I gotten myself into here? Usually if you're expecting the worst,it's never that bad. I made it in,you had to cross the tracks and make a hard left after you crossed the tracks but you couldn't pull very far forward through the gate because a crane was set up there,then hug the chain link fence on the left,because then you had to make a hard right to go down the steep cut they had made in the bank,but again you couldn't pull very far forward to make the turn because of a pile of stuff they had on the ground,and there was a little green thing on the right-looked like a gas meter or something-that you had to clear before you turned. I had dumped the trailer air on the back axle and locked the power divider in at first,and made all the turns with inches to spare.When I got down the hill I had to get over as close to the air compressor parked on the right at the bottom to make the hard left onto the "bridge" which was actually barges side by side across the river.When I talked to Tina I thought they put the truck on a barge and floated over to the island,and I wasn't too sure about all that! But I felt pretty good about the bridge when I saw them drive a bulldozer across it before I went across. So I made it onto the bridge and went across and got unloaded,turned around,and went back up the hill OK,and made it back through the gate without having to pick the trailer up and move it over. I should mention that I had a 48' trailer,and the others had 53s, and like I said I had only inches to spare on all the turns,including getting onto the bridge. I reloaded at Macedonia,Oh. for Roanoke and unloaded there Thursday night. Yesterday morning back at the shop Todd gave me a choice of another load of piling to Cheswick or kyanite going to Orrville,Oh. I went with the Orrville. :Mixer1:


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That reminds me of when me and dad wen't to georgia once with a load of steel for a truck shop and we found the exit then it said turn right off the exit go down 2 lights etc., but when we turned right we wen't down this little highway with nothing around. Finally got turned around wen't across the interstate and everything started matching the directions, but then noticed again we found ourselves on a 2 lane highway. I got the flashlight out started checking addresses finally found our drop off spot, but it was a house? We checked the address on the mailbox 2 or 3 times and that was it. Turns out we had to take a loaded T-600 kenworth and 48' foot flatbed in this guys back yard, which I might as well mention was not graveled because it had been to wet for dump trucks to get in. It wasn't as bad as your experience other dog, but we had a hell of a time getting in this driveway luckly the trailer tandems were sliders and we slid the fifth wheel up so we could make the turn. We made it in and out fine, but man they put you in some bad spots. When we was hauling that steel the would send you out in the middle of nowhere and tell you to call when you got close to get your directions, which 9 times out of 10 was always wrong. Sorry to go on. See Ya..

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