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I Must Be Off...or I Might Be Off

other dog


Well,sometimes it doesn't pay to plan to make a few extra bucks.Never did get anything to go with the magnet,so I took it by itself.I might as well have left the day I loaded it as it turned out.Then I could have gotten another load this week,but no, gotta be greedy,try to get two loads in one! I did make an adventure out of it though-I went across rt. 33 from Harrisonburg over to I-79, since I only had 8,000 lbs. on. That's a great adventure no matter what you've got. Hope the boss doesn't read this-"33?!! are you crazy? you must've lost your #@%&ing mind!". There's several 4 and 4 1/2 mile 9% grades across there,and the curves....I've been across there before,but I must admit it's not really a good place for a truck if you don't have to be. I went from Boardman to Aurora and picked up a load of roller coaster track at Geauga Lake Park,where they're closing the amusement park,and took it to King's Dominion in Doswell,Va. where they're gonna put it back up.(I would have said reassemble it,but I don't know how to spell "reassemble") They said when I loaded it that there would be over 100 truckloads shipped to get it all to Va. Might end up over there again next week -i'm loaded with Kyanite now going to Curwensville,Pa. I must be off now,but if anyone has any questions,feel free to ax...I just try to put a little humor in to relieve the job related stress.


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