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Mountain Country

other dog


I unloaded a load of pipe right on top of a mountain ( well actually on the side of a mountain-everything in Cumberland,Md. is either on top of,the side of,or at the bottom of a mountain ) Monday morning,then went to Boardman,Oh. and picked up a magnet,then went to Macedonia and got a load of coils going to Roanoke.After I got the coils off I went to Petersburg and delivered the magnet and picked up another one going back to Boardman to be refurbished-they make new electro magnets there and also refurbish old ones.It's not very big,about 4' long and maybe 2' wide,and it was already pretty late when I got it loaded,so I brought it back to the shop in Concord,Va. in hopes of getting a load of Kyanite or something to go with it. They had a load going to Buffalo at the yard that was just 2 beams,about 8,000 lbs. so maybe that will work out-that would make a good paying load too,and light.The magnet is small,but it weighs about 8,000 lbs,so i'd be a little over with a load of kyanite.It's just a shame to take that little magnet by itself with all that trailer floor left over.


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