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[New BMT Blog Entry] other dog's Blog - Another Strange Creature Spotted In Gladys!

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Made a couple of trips this week, to Chillicothe Oh. with lumber, reloaded coils in Franklin coming back to Suffolk, Va. then took a load of beams to Neville Island, Pa. in a Conestoga and reloaded coils at the dreaded AK Steel in Butler, Pa. to unload in Chesapeake Monday. Took a few pictures along the way of course. I went over to the produce stand this morning and bought some squash and green beans so I can tell Paul it came out of my garden. I planted green, purple, and yellow green beans.

Saw a strange sight this morning-we were standing in the front yard minding our own bidness and an ostrich came trotting down the highway. No, really-it was about 7am and I hadn't drank anything but coffee. Otherdog took off chasing it and it made a right and turned into the driveway next door and fell down. I figured it had killed itself, but it was up and running again in a second. Headed to our back yard. I immediately thought since it didn't kill itself when it fell i'd do it myself when it crashed into my anti-rabbit defense fence and destroyed my garden...was already thinking about how to cook it...but it missed everything and went crashing into the woods. We saw it come out a couple houses down, it ran through their back yard and back to the road, took a left and trotted right back by here towards wherever it came from. Strange! I didn't know anyone around here had ostriches, never seen any near here. Still wondering what the dog would have done with it if he'd caught it.

photos are a big Mack mixer

a big Mack truck

car hauler in Crewe, Va.

...looks like a nocluejoemobile...

old Mack on rt. 422 in Pa.

a rhinocerous on rt. 422

self explanatory

Otherdog taking a break-he's got to rest in case he has to fend off an ostrich attack

vegetables I picked...bought, I mean...this morning

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