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Intro / Frank In Kuwait

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Hi all many allready know me This is my Soap box.

First off Larry the new BB seams to be better I am still very partital to a simpler design but I am also an old DOG.

Now with that said . I am 51 years old from Texas but live in Kuwait. My back ground includes, Not By my choice,a doctorate in industrial engineering (well almost should be within the next few weeks) Major's are mechanical/ structural & hydraulic/ minor's civil/ electrical/automotive design/and metallurgy, some in computer science and literary art.

my work back gound includes if you considered every thing I have done or tried to do you would swear that I would have to be over a hundred years old.

I started very young on the family farm. then at the age of 12 or it might have been 11 I went to work in a Black smith and welding fabrication shop. that cattered to the farm/ oilfield/ and construction induisteries.

there for 5 years as well as started driving trucks when I was old enough to reach the pedels with 4x4 blocks strapped on them.

first over the road trip I remember was just before I was 15. I haeld a 6G welding certification by the age of 14 have been running lathes ,mills . drill presses , shears, breaks, roll forming machines automaitc centerless grinders and just aboul any thing else in a mmachine shop longer than I can remember. well since 1965 anyway.

I have driven over the road close to 2 million miles not far by a professional truckers standards by no means but far enough to have hauled most things that can be put on a trailer up to 150 tons payload.

I have designed and buit enough things over the years to use up all of the band width of this board .

I don't currently own a big truck ( no room to put it in my appartment) I have worked on many different trucks as well as owned several.

Well sorry for turning this into a book.

Frank in Kuwait



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Hi Frank! Welcome to the forums! The nice thing about this format is you can use it simple or take advantage of all the bells and whistles. It is designed for a guy to be able to register and start posting right away or if you are a bit more computer savy, you can play around with all the features and add your own personal touch. One thing I can't stress enough is to use the "My Assistant" link! You will never miss a post if you click "My Assistant" everytime you visit! Hope you enjoy...


Barry - Watt's Truck Center Parts Manager and BMT Webmaster...1-888-304-MACK

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