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New Mack 8 And 10 Speeds


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I was reading the topic showdog started and looked over Macks current transmission lineup.

Has anyone had any experience with the newer 8, 9 and 10 speeds? They look more for off highway/concrete pouring. Some seem very close to the older 10's and 12's where you split each gear. The TM309M Looks like it could give you 12 foward gears and 6 reverse gears. Why you can only split 1,2&3 is beyond me.

I like the unusual shift patterns of them:





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I have a T310MLR and I like it. I have it matched up with a 370 maxidyne and it pulls kinda like the old 285/6spd combination. The gaps between gears can be a little large since the new motors dont pull quite as well as they used to. As far as splitting the gears is concerned you could do it but there wouldn't be much point as the gap would still be pretty much the same.

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