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Hard Nose R Model

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I think you will find it to be a PITA. All the steel hood R models I have seen look like the cowl aera is diffrent as well as the larger radiator. looks like alot of drilling and fabricating

I changed my 1976 DM from the hard nose to a fiberglass front cap. The radiator must be swapped out, as well as the radiator mount because it sticks out too far from the crossmember it is bolted to. The cowl area on the DM is different then on an R model, but on mine it had a steel fender piece on the RH side that simply bolted on, and the LH side had a bracket that the fender bolted on to. Your best bet is to find an old steel hood R model and your parts should all swap with no trouble. I know of a junked R model with the steel hood here in West Memphis that seems to be in decent shape.


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YES...i did this conversion.....you need the radatior,front cross member,fenders,support rods for radatior,hood and the back of the fenders......if your truck has the flat type bumper you will need to change the bumper to the heavy duty style like on the DM.....GOOD LUCK....if you have any questions you can e-mail me at jony2toes@aol.com

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