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cab swap due to wreck

ryan c


Hi, I have a 2016 mack pennical  model number chu613.  I was wondering what years of cabs would work on it. And or if anyone would know where a cab is that would work on this particular truck.  I have looked into buying a new cab. But I would have to switch all the interior around and what not. I'm not too sure about what that would entail and am a little nervous about trying to tackle everything in the dash area.   Any info on this subject would be much appreciated.   

Thank you in advance.

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ANY cab can work if you make it fit. If you stay within the same general configuration of the cab now, conventional, cab-over engine or cab-forward engine, will lean to less work but still gotta use your imagination. Even putting same year, make and model cab back on. Id imagine you'll still be rerouting things and making others work, here and there! Differing versions, vocations, options in the SAME year, make and model. Keep that in mind, this type of project will always be a project, and almost NEVER a straight bolt-on replacement.  I'm doing same project with a DM of mine, cab is rotten. Looking a cab to work for what I want; travel in comfort. A sleeper, shower and other convenients.  A firetruck cab or a double bunk cabover is seeming to be best fit for me.

You just have to plan for fitting around what you are keeping of the truck. My axles, body, ride height, length and drive train is all staying. but im changing my cab but can not alter air flow  or operation of the body.

Remember maintenance(how its mounted, motor access and ingress/egress) and again my plans of traveling in it(cab features i want).

Find that cab that fits YOU then just mock it up and make mounts. Making the mounts will be easy to figure out once you can see the body mocked up on the chassis. 

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