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673 Oil Pressure/ Oil Routing

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I have a late (ET 673) rated at 260 HP.  This spring I did some updating and installed a turb as well as a E6 Intake manifold/Water manifold/oil cooler/2 spin on filters in pace of the canister filter.   

The motor now has much more oil pressure then it did before.  Used to run 55-60psi warmed up going down the road and around 30 at idle.  Now its 100+ warmed up and roughly the same 30 at idle. 

There appear to be two oil pressure relief valves in the new set up.  One at the bottom of the oil filter stock and a second at the top in the filter head.  I have pulled both plugs and checked to make sure that the valves move freely, which they do.  The springs seem to be same but the upper plug has a longer boss while the lower has a relief in it creating more spring pressure on the upper valve.  Did I mix them up when i cleaned everything up?

Which one controls pressure or do they both? Is the top just a bypass for the filters/oil cooler?

Guage port is in the top where the filter head is.  

Thank you






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