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Electrical question 2016 CXU

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Good day.  I have a 2016 CXU.  As I'm sure many are familiar with I have 4 air solenoids on my frame back by the 5th wheel.  That row of 4 switches on the dash is all powered by 1 15amp fuse.  Any time any of the solenoids go bad (I've had 4 or 5 over the years) it shows a 5th wheel slide fault message and immediately pops that 15 Amp fuse.  I got the message a few weeks ago so assumed it was a bad solenoid.  I disconnected the pins on the big plug on the frame until it stopped blowing the fuse.  It was the solenoid that runs that air cylinder under my hood for warm intake air flapper.   I replaced that solenoid and now that works and the fuse no longer blows.  I'm still getting the message though and a lightning bolt on and off intermittently.  I now notice my 5th wheel slide doesn't work.   I tested for power at the plug in the back and there is none.   So since the fuse is good, is this a bad switch at the dash or is there some kind of relay for that bank of switches or what do you figure?   I'm not thinking another bad solenoid again since the fuse is no longer blowing.   

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