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ACM / Data link issues

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I have a13 GU713 with a mp7. I am the 4th person to get this gem. Occasionally (from what I'm told) the def gauge will go to 0 then pop back up to accurate reading. This of course sets codes, wants to derate ect. The last mechanic said he could get it to do it by wiggling the wiring at the ACM. I have tried everyway possible and nothing. I've had every connector apart in the loop and all connections are good. I've tested the data link codes through PTT and everything checks ok. I have pinned out pretty much everything. The def level sensor has been replaced twice. The ecm and acm where supposedly updated in January. The data link code spn 1231 fmi 9 has happened 127 times... fmi 2 13 times. I also have  a turbo boost code spn 1127 that showed active but no cel until my last test drive. Also shows spn3226 fmi13 nox as active. that sensor has been replaced at least twice. Also replaced turbo boost sensor in the intake. also codes for def tank temp occurring 30+ times inactive code. I've checked term resistors at data link-good. Checked grounds physically and through ptt. checked power from batt box. Am I looking at an ACM replacement? or other ideas?


O.J. Avery

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