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Autocar steering box

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Good afternoon 

I have a 1982 Autocar DM in great condition w only 130,000 miles on it, was a town truck. Has power steering and steering is very light. Seems to be some play in steering box, I think this is called lash. Can this be adjusted / tightened up ? On front of box is an adjustment stud with a lock nut. I ran the stud in and play was worse, I ran it back out as far as I could before the stud hits a bracket. If I am correct so far, how far can the stud be backed out ?  Thankyou 


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do you have any  maintenance  records with it,  when /if the PS filter and fluid were changed? when you turned the adjusting screw was the box in center position?  the adjusting screw on side with a screwdriver slot  should be for adjusting backlash on rack and pinion in the box. have seen fluid change/filter make a big difference . i'm assuming the play is when unit is running. 

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