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86 Mack ms series Hana Maui


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I recently purchased an old Mack 1986 ms series I believe it's a 250 with full air system.ย 

I'm new to the big truck world but I do own a 1st gen Cummins for about 5 years so I've had to learn a lot about diesel work to keep that Cummins going. Though it does just want to keep running!๐Ÿ˜‚

The Renault I have and will include photos is only the 165hp or 175hp version. This and more info I'm looking to figure out about my new Mack from this forum.ย 

The Mack has the 10speed splitter style trans. That has spicer stamped on the side.

It also is a dump with a Chelsea pto system. Bought the truck for 2000 bucks it started and ran. But needed all new fluids and filters and the clutch linkage adjusted to catch the gears again. Previous owner could not figure out clutch linkage to get anything but reverse. It wasn't to hard.

Real bad rusted out roof...

My head and valve cover is all one unit not the ms 300 series individual valve cover units.

I'm a certified arborist and excavator operator for my own business. Here in Maui HawaiiIMG_20211111_144213649_HDR.thumb.jpg.eb588345e552d13c4e4c43c37cff43fc.jpg



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