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Brockway Cab Designations


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Here is a list I put together a while back that lists the model numbers of the various types of Brockway cabs.  Not many folks are familiar with this so I figured it would help.  Steve Skurnowicz provided a lot of help on this list as well...

Model 31 Trafficab with Folding Doors
Model 35 Metropolitan Cab
Model 41F and alphabetically lower one piece push out windshield
Model 41G and alphabetically higher one piece gasketed windshield
Model 50 is the wooden framed Deluxe cab with the three piece windshield and narrow cowl
Model 51 is the model 50 with a sleeper
Model 52 is the Deluxe three man cab
Model 57A - 550
Model 60 is the Deluxe all steel cab with the three piece windshield
Model 61A-61J are all steel sleeper cabs
Model 65B - 358 & 359
Model 67 - 358 & 359 3 man cab
Model 68 - 360 and 361
Model 75 - 758 & 759 (depending on engine) (Sheller Globe Cab)
Model 76 - 758 & 759 (depending on engine) (Sheller Globe Cab)
Model 78 - 760 & 761 
Models 50/86 - 457 & 459
Models 763 / 773 / 783 / 793 - 776 (depending on engine) (Sheller Globe Cab)
I can add pics if that would help...
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