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95 Mack CH Tractor Brake lights out

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Have a 1995 CH Tractor and the brake lights are Not coming on sometimes, I replaced the switch by the pedal but still it appears to be random regardless if I try the Hand brake or even pull my parking brake out the lights may come on or not.. Kind a like they are getting power some of the time. I all so replaced the relay fuse for the brakes but that didn't seem to solve the problem either. Suggestions on hunting down the problem is there any more air switches to supply the electrical in the engine side or under the dash?

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The power also goes through the signal light switch.   Try signalling as well or play with that switch to see if that changes anything.   The parking brake lite and the applied brake light are 2 different air switches. One is pressure on , the other is pressure off.

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tried jiggling the turn signal back and forth , nothing, but I noticed if I JAB on the brake pedal HARD or the hand valve the brake lights work, but if I just do it like normal they will not come on.. I checked the air flow at the switch and it blows fine..?? got me puzzled. I even replaced the new switch to see if that was it but nothing..

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