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Hi , have 1990 mack rd690s with e6-300 mechanic .factory no A/c  ..looking for aftermarket unit but need to see which compressor it needs and which bracket and a/c belt is used to be able to install aftermarket unit .. any help with pictures of mechanic e6 with factory a/c will.help or part numbers ? There's 2 different a/c compressor? And different brackets ? Also need new  belt  to accommodate for  a/c appreciate any HELP

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If you go to your local Mack dealer, ask them if the Parts System still supplies the A/C retrofit kit for R/RD/RW models. They used to but I'm not sure if the entire 'kit' is still available. The kit encompassed the condenser assby. for mounting in front of the radiator, the compressor, compressor mounting bracket, receiver-drier w/mounting bracket, drive belt, hoses, fittings & clamps and the complete cab 'under dash' unit which was the combination A/c evaporator & heater. Being your vehicle probably has CMCAC (chassis mounted charge air cooling), the condenser would mount below the charge-air core which is in front of the radiator. 

I'd start with asking your local Mack Parts Department if a kit is available to retro-fit your particular truck. It won't be cheap but it beats scrounging around for used parts that may/may not be reliable. You'll have all new stuff to work with as well as the instructions included in the kit. I did a retro-fit on a '77 RD686ST a LONG time ago - it was tedious but worth the effort having a cool cab on a hot Long Island day! Hope this helps you out here!


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