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"63 C85F Firetruck with ENF707C Gas Engine, info please


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I have a '63 C85F with the ENF707C Gas engine and Dana Spicer 184 automatic transmission.  The truck has 22,000 original miles.  I'm looking for some specific info and welcome general comments anyone cares to make.

Until yesterday, it had not been started in about 8 years.   After cleaning points, rotor caps and verifying the coils were good, I did get it to run with a temporary clean fuel source and spraying fuel into the carburetor air inlet.  It runs rough, as expected.  I know the Zenith carburetor needs some attention as I can see some internal passages are clogged from old fuel sitting and possible contaminated fuel being pushed through by the previous owner.  For the multiple times of 10-15 seconds when the motor was running, me changing the throttle position did not seem to affect the running rpms.  For what it's worth, I had to remove the top of the Zenith carburetor for it to run, which also seems to confirm clogged passages.  Before removing the top, it would only fire then try to start, but never actually run.  Should I leave the governor mechanism in place? 

This engine uses dual distributors.  The manual only refers to them as Delco Remy.  Does anybody know if these are the same as might have been used for some main stream engine like the chevy in-line truck motors or any other possibilities?  I'm am wanting to convert them to the solid state breaker-less type and don't know where to start looking.

Comments welcomed.

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