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Volvo d11 code 4094 fmi 1 nox limits exceeded due to insufficient reagent quality


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A fault like this could be many things. The fault's possible cause is listed as def quality and/or dosing too low but could be many things such as bad nox sensor(s), egr flow, plugged egr cooler, intake/exh. leak, injector cups, bad injector(s), turbo, egr diff. psi sensor and so on. Check def quality with refractometer. Remove def doser valve and check for excessive build up of dried def inside dpf outlet and flow test def doser valve if possible. Make sure def pump is building and maintaining 128-132 psi. If all looks ok then it's a matter of elimination by checking above mentioned items. The PDF below is step by step testing for 4094 w/FMI 18 and 5394 FMI 17, the fault you have w/FMI 1 is basically the same. If everything checks out ok, check the part numbers on both nox sensors and if they are not current, replace them. 

snm 13- 022 archive spn5394 fmi17 diagnostic.pdf

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