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Could someone decode this for me to tell me a little about my truck? The local mack dealer near me won't take the time to tell me, although if they did I'd be hard pressed to believe them since half the time they can't get the parts right that we need at work smh. Any help decoding this information will be greatly appreciated


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1 hour ago, j hancock said:

Some info but I don't have all.

1  USA

M  Mack Trucks

2  Incomplete Truck (not a glider)  means that the truck was completed at the dealer with the 5th wheel to be mounted, for example.

P  RD model

1  ?

4  ?

3  ?

Y  Class 8 truck tractor with air brakes

1  check digit with no meaning

F  1985

A  Allentown, PA

003718  production serial number


RD model

6 chassis series

88  350 Mack engine

S  six wheel chassis (three axles)

X  extreme duty


My thoughts.  Worth exactly what you paid for it!


Thank you very much sir, I appreciate it. It's got 67k miles on it and we bought it along with a 30 ton low bed for 10k. It's even got ac and heated mirrors lol. I found the door sticker on the dash, that might help with figuring out what steers and rears it has


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