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2015 granite GU713 tri-axle steering problem


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Power steering locks up on me when loaded. When ramping onto a new interstate it will just lock up. Seems if I leave off throttle a bit it returns to normal.  Dealer has done pressure tests and says it checks out ok. I'm wondering if I need to take it to them when loaded. Also sometimes when on site ....I loose power steering when trying to get into tight spots while going really slow. Juicing up throttle doesn't really help. Still hard steering. Does this randomly.  I also have quite a bit of play in the steering wheel. When driving I have a maybe... 2" gap of free play in the steering wheel. Dealer wiggles steering shaft and says it's normal freeplay. I believe every sloppy joint from box to steering wheel magnifies and I am constantly steering left to right to countersteer the gap as I drive down highways. Talk about scary stressful. CAN ANYONE HELP.... THANKS!!!!

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