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Right side Signals

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I am working on my 1995 Mack RD690S dump truck. I'm having an electrical problem with my right front and rear signals, they flash, but not right almost seems like it's flashing the parking lights. Indicator light in the cab does not come on at all when right signal is selected but when signaling left or hazards are selected everything seems to be working properly except the in cab right indicator light does not come on at all no matter what is selected with the signal switch. Also had a bunch of wires that melted in the back of the truck in a junction box. Already rewired and replaced the box still no change.  Bought the truck a few weeks ago and everything worked, not sure what has changed and hoping someone can help. Maybe a wiring diagram or something. I have checked the voltage and resistance of the wires for the signals on the right side voltage is about 8.5 to 9.5 and resistance is very high no matter where I test from not sure how to find what is causing it. Or even where to start looking Thanks in advance

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