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Shopping for my first Dump Truck


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Sure am glad I found this forum,, it reminds me of the Ford forum I use, packed full of knowledge.

Anyways, I am in the process of getting my dump truck business started and I want a Mack truck. From the searches that I have made to date and all the models I have seen the Granite seems to be the model that seems to be most popular. I have a contract lined up for asphalt and demo'd concrete any advice on a specific Granite model would be appreciated. I am thinking that I want a Barn door gate for that kind of work. Does anyone think the a High Lift Gate would work as well as a barn door without the problems associate with barn doors?

I would be grateful for any and all help and opinions on what motor and years would be best for a start-up . I have read a lot about pre-emission trucks which I like the idea of, like my 2006 F-250 diesel. As a start-up, the bank is limiting me to a truck under 50k so I really need to pick a truck that can run and generate income without me having to work on it constantly.



Big John 

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Barn doors loose there seal and start alignment problems high-lift does add weight I just bought my first with AR-400 steel  smooth side ...My newest Mack 2001 and I dont use it any more Ive buying older trucks .2001 spent more time down then up it almost broke me 6-turbos at 1800.00 a piece just part no towing and install oil pumps IUPs air compressors -5 now it has 443000 miles and sits .


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