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Advice on Fuel Filter Brackets with Water Sensors


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I'm looking for a spin-on fuel filter bracket with a WIF (Water In Fuel) sensor in the bracket itself, instead of the bottom of the filter. Apparently this one exists and is marketed to the RV crowd:


But, what a price! Luberfiner has severe duty filters with the WIF in the usual place, on the bottom of the filter, but I'd really like one in the bracket. What I'm trying to do is add an auxiliary water separator on the tractor on the farm. My parents can't seem to get it through their heads that they're ruining the entire fuel system -- they let it fill up until the engine starts to sputter and won't hot-start, and the fuel looks about like strawberry milk. So, I'm going to add a separator with WIF sensor, that not only turns on a dash light, but cuts power to the fuel solenoid and locks out the starter. I figure that will FORCE them to drain the separator! But, I also think if the sensor hangs off the bottom, as is the usual location, it'll probably get ripped off just like the 4WD indicator switch has (numerous times).

Anyone have a cheaper alternative than the Auto-Sig $230 option?

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