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Return Fuel Problem/ Misfire


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On 1/10/2020 at 10:49 AM, fjh said:

 This resonant ride condition was a bit of an issue on the v8 with the ambac pump as well! The fix was a light spring om the right side rack acted as a damper for this condition ! I have never run into it on any Vmac Pumps entirly possible thou!

Yup, I never saw it on a Vmac pump either, just the mechanical. Fortunately I haven't messed with many E9's..the ones I did, seemed to be a pain to work on but that could just be my lack of time with them.


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Ever since the new injection pump I get a real loud ticking through the return line can be heard in the tank. I am wondering if it is that overflow valve on the pump? I don’t remember ever hearing this before. I am trying to attach a video but don’t know how

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Is this normal and I just never heard it before? I’m the past year I have:
New tank
New fuel lines
Reman injection pump
Reman injectors
New return lines.
Reman cylinder heads

Only thing not changed in the fuel system is injector lines and fuel filter heads.

I think I am just hearing the lift pump or the overflow noise reverberating through the line. But this is a first for me. It’s pretty pronounced. Made me think the reman pump has a defective lift pump or overflow. Don’t want to spend the money to replace either just to find out it’s normal

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